Case Studies

DSS Launches Powered for Patients Initiative to
Enhance Patient Health

DSS launched Powered for Patients (P4P) in 2013 as a public-private initiative to protect patient health by helping to ensure proper backup power in critical healthcare facilities.  Powered for Patients grew out of the lessons DSS principals learned from their work with other clients responding to Hurricane Sandy. Power outages and generator failures prompted unplanned hospital and nursing home evacuations and caused other significant disruptions in the healthcare delivery system.

“We saw a clear need from Hurricane Sandy for research and analysis to better understand the gaps that exist in backup power and assess what steps can be taken to close those gaps,” said DSS principal Eric Cote. “We also saw a need for a public-private partnership between the generator industry and government. This partnership will enable pre-disaster planning and post disaster coordination between the generator industry and government. It can also provide government officials with greater situational awareness of the status of facilities relying on generator power in a disaster area. Finally, this public-private partnership can provide a vehicle through which industry can work with government to level set expectations about the industry’s post disaster surge capacity and also address other challenges the industry faces that government may be able to address.”

Powered for Patients is being led by key stakeholders including emergency managers, public health officials and private sector healthcare representatives. Working with its partners, the initiative will engage with generator industry leaders and utility officials to collectively shape research and policy discussions leading to increased use of backup power in healthcare facilities.