Case Studies | Rx Response

Learning from the Public Health Challenges Posed by Katrina

DSS client Rx Response is an unprecedented initiative of America’s biopharmaceutical supply system to help ensure the continued flow of medicine to patients in a severe public health emergency – from natural disasters like hurricanes to the H1N1 crisis. Rx Response was inspired by the public health challenges faced in the aftermath of Katrina. Rx Response serves as a single point of contact for the entire biopharmaceutical supply system and relies on a robust network that allows federal and state emergency management officials to communicate with Rx Response regarding pharmaceutical needs and other issues which may impact the supply system. DSS principals initially provided state government relations counsel to Rx Response officials and currently serves the internal and external communications needs for the organization.

DSS principals set up a face to face meeting with key Louisiana public health officials in Baton Rouge to understand in detail the challenges posed to the pharmaceutical supply chain by Katrina. These lessons learned became the foundation for the current Rx Response program.