Case Studies

Disaster Safety Strategies Provides New Brand Look for Key Disaster Safety Program

In early 2013, DSS principals put their branding prowess to work for longtime client Rx Response. Developed to help ensure the continued flow of medicine to patients following a major disaster, Rx Response has become an indispensible homeland security asset.

Two signature programs of Rx Response were both designed to help patients get medicine after disaster. The Pharmacy Status Reporting Tool (PSRT) maps open pharmacies in disaster impacted areas on the Rx Response website. The downloadable Prescription Medication Wallet Card allows citizens to document their prescriptions and other medical information and print the information on a wallet size card which they can take with them if disaster forces them from their home.

Hurricane Sandy underscored the value of both programs but DSS recognized that their names were a mouthful. The agency knew that better branded programs that could be more easily remembered would be more widely used and thus more effective.

With that in mind, DSS developed two new branding solutions to replace the Pharmacy Status Reporting Tool and the downloadable Prescription Medication Wallet Card. DSS’s Rx Open (for the Pharmacy Status Reporting Tool) and Rx on the Run (for the prescription medication card) were officially unveiled at the 2013 National Hurricane Conference.

Early indications show a lot of excitement around the new brands which will get their first real tests during the next major disaster.