Case Studies

Hurricane Sandy Keeps C&D Busy with Media Relations Support of Rx Response

DSS client Rx Response is an unprecedented initiative of America’s bio-pharmaceutical supply system to help ensure the continued flow of medicine to patients in a severe public health emergency – from natural disasters like hurricanes to the H1N1 crisis. DSS principals have supported Rx Response from the program’s inception over seven years ago. The firm’s initial work centered around introducing the Rx Response concept to state emergency managers across America.

Currently, DSS provides comprehensive communications support for the fully operational program. When Hurricane Sandy slammed into New Jersey in October 2012, DSS’s media relations team helped generate extensive national and regional media coverage of Rx Response’s activation and the deployment of its Pharmacy Status Reporting Tool (now Rx Open). Traffic to the Rx Response website quadrupled in October and early November 2012 compared with the same period in the previous year. Rx Response is now viewed by federal and state emergency management officials as an indispensible homeland security asset, an achievement DSS is proud to have helped support.