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List of Services
Coalition Development and Management – Many of America’s most impactful safety campaigns have been the result of diverse organizations coming together behind the common purpose of increasing safety for Americans. DSS principals have worked over the past 15 years in creating and managing coalitions that bring consumers, industry leaders, and government officials together to tackle serious public health and safety problems.

Market Research – It doesn’t take research to understand that Americans care about safety, both in their daily lives and when it comes to protection against natural and man-made disasters. But it does take research to understand the nuances of public opinion relating to safety and how to effectively deliver a message that encourages people to live safer lives. DSS has extensive experience developing and implementing qualitative and quantitative research programs that provide critically needed insight to guide message development and campaign strategy.

Strategic Planning – Having a crystal clear 30,000 foot view of the disaster safety marketplace comes from years of tackling tough challenges for clients. DSS uses its insight of the safety and security marketplace, along with research findings, to help clients develop strategic solutions to the challenge at hand. Through this strategic planning process, we help clients understand where they fit into the marketplace of products and ideas and how best to advance their product or idea. We also provide clients with insight into the regulatory and building code environment and how this will impact the approval of new or modified products.

Public Policy Analysis & Consultation – Many issues impacting the safety and security of the public are governed by federal and state laws, regulatory requirements or building code mandates. DSS has deep expertise helping clients develop a policy framework to advance safety by engaging policy makers and regulators at the local, state and federal levels.

Building Code Modification – DSS’s principals have developed technical expertise over the years that has proven helpful to clients developing new products or navigating the building code modification process. In these cases, DSS not only lends its expertise in helping clients understand how the marketplace will respond to new products, but also applies its experience to help clients navigate building and safety code compliance and modification challenges.